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2MP Extended IR (EXIR) Weatherproof Turret IP Security Camera with a 2.8mm Fixed Lens (MVN-2X2-DM2)

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This IR turret IP security camera brings you extended infrared (EXIR) technology at a competitive price. In this cutting-edge design, the infrared emitter and camera lens are housed separately, unlike more traditional IR turret models. This allows for wider infrared coverage and an overall cleaner nighttime image. Best of all, this design eliminates a very common frustration: IR flooding.

Have you ever installed an IR turret or vandal dome security camera in a seemingly perfect location, only to find out later that you can barely see anything at night? When the lens and infrared LED lights are housed behind the same glass, often times excess IR light will reflect off of the window and back onto the camera lens, leading to a fuzzy, overly exposed image. By moving the IR light to the side of the camera lens, you don't have to worry about this ever happening again.

But that's not all! This camera offers fantastic specs day or night. With a FullHD 1080p resolution, Wide Dynamic Range, dual video streams, IP67 weatherproof protection, and more, this camera will bring you excellent surveillance coverage anytime. Experience all that the MVN-2X2-DM2 EXIR turret has to offer today.

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