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4MP Active Deterrence IP Indoor Turret Camera W/ Human & Auto Detection & Integrated Siren & Strobe MVN-DETERRENCE-DM2

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The Active Deterrence Series of cameras are perfect for those areas where you really need a security camera to be noticed, both visually and audibly. If you have areas that are constantly being vandalized or a highly sensitive area in which you really want possible intruders or loiterers to be notified they are on camera, you need to consider this camera. Think of copper theft on air conditioners, people parking where they shouldn't be, people walking through restricted areas, and the list goes on.

Whatever your situation may be, this camera has integrated features like intelligent Human Detection, Vehicle Detection, Strobe Light Warnings, and Siren and Verbal warnings to fend off any would-be intruders/loiterers. On top of that, it captures crystal clear 4MP video at a smooth 30 FPS to provide clear and prosecutable evidence.

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